ISO Certificate

About us

CPS - creative plastic solutions - is a young and independent company with a long tradition in plastics engineering whose origins can be traced
back to companies established in the sixties already.

As a manufacturer of premium plastic products we are committed to highest quality standards and to the attributes of our company name:
"creative plastic solutions". With our products we offer creative plastic solutions for the specialized and sophisticated demands of the
ski/snowboard industry, of the water sports sector as well as of numerous other technical areas of application.

Our success is based on the knowledge and expertise we have gained in many years of experience in developing and realizing innovative ideas
and concepts, and using state-of-the-art technologies and quality standards.

Individual and particular customer requirements and customer wishes are our specialty, as they challenge us in a most positive sense. And so we
develop and produce products as per customer specifications with a maximum of commitment and expertise: To meet our customers' demand is
our declared objective.

With our three production locations - our headquarters in Rohrdorf, Germany, specializing in extrusion technology; a polyethylene sintering plant
in Vreden, Germany; as well as an extrusion plant in Shaoxing, China, to meet the demand of the Asian region - we demonstrate strong presence,
and are further able to respond flexibly and promptly to the requirements and demands of both the national and the international market.

Our procedures and processes have been and are developed and realized with greatest respect for the environment. We are firmly convinced that
an environmentally aware corporate management focuses on environmental compliance as well as on the continuous improvement of corporate
environmental protection measures, i.e. minimizing energy consumption, avoiding substances which are harmful to the environment and human health, and preventing/recycling waste - and, last but not least, on high-quality production. In addition to their contribution to environmental and climate protection, energy-efficient solutions lead to decreasing energy costs, thus creating a win-win situation for our customers and environmental protection. And this corporate management we have committed ourselves to.