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Management Change at CPS GmbH (Germany)

Dear Business partner,

Mr Karl Hofstätter, long-standing managing director of CPS GmbH, left the company on 31 August 2016 for personal reasons to pursue new challenges.

In the course of his many years of service at the CPS GmbH, Mr Hofstätter played a major and instrumental role in the positive progress and development of the company.

We understand the decision Mr Hofstätter has taken, nevertheless we very much regret his resignation.

At this point we would like to thank him for his active and productive work with his multi-faceted scope of tasks and responsibilities, his great commitment, last but not least, for our successful interaction and cooperation.

We wish Mr Hofstätter all the best and continued success for his personal and professional future.

Mr Adalbert Loidl, Managing Director, and Mr Josef Thoma, Head of Sales, will represent and stand for sustainable continuity at the cps GmbH.

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