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P-tex® HDPE

P-tex® 900 HTR (high-transparent)

P-tex® 900 HTR is a high-transparent extruded HDPE running base which is very good for back-printing.
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P-tex® 1100 clear, black & colored

P-tex® 1100 is an extruded HDPE running base, very good for back-printing suitable and pigmented with very high color brilliance. The base material is available in transparent, black and white and a lot of approved Pantone colours.
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P-tex® XC clear & black

P-Tex® XC is a extruded HD-PE running base with scales which is available in clear and black version. Silkscreen on the backside possible. Also with HDPE (80 µm) protective foil available.
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TP 455 white & black

TP 455 is an inlay material on foamed HDPE basis, in black or white option available. This PE has high form stability and nevertheless a minimal density. Especially suited to reach a weight reduction. This material consist of 20% pure TP 455 ground stock.
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